Thursday, March 03, 2011

Beans Soup

I have to admit that I am a meat lover. I am not so much into vegetarian food and most of the times I feel like the dish is not complete without a nice piece of meat in it. But! I make exceptions... like this delicious one - Beans Soup. It seems like the beans have all that necessary rich flavor, all by themselves, so they go great even without meat. This soup is light, dietetic and healthy, but also very tasty, which for me is the winning combination!:)

You will need the following ingredients:
- 300 g of beans
- one onion
- one carrot
- one pepper
- a hand full of cherry tomatoes or a big tomato
- a small celery
- some dill, chopped
- salt and pepper

I started by boiling the beans. When nice and soft, I put some oil in a frying pan, then added the chopped onion and stir it until golden.

Then I've added all the other vegetables, chopped, and stirred for about 10 minutes.

All this mixture went in the pot where the beans were boiling. I've adjusted the water quantity in order to have a rich soup. Then I've seasoned it with salt and pepper and I've let it boil for another 20 minutes, until all the vegetables were soft.

In the end I've sprinkled a some chopped dill.

So simple, so delicious and, unlike other vegan dishes, so full and satisfying!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Peasant Potato Soup

Potato Peasant Soup

This is a very rich potato soup, flavored with smoked meat and with a smooth texture given by the sour cream. OK, I have to admit that maybe it is not the best if you're on a diet, but it might be a great week-end guilty-pleasure.

You will need the following ingredients:
- 500 g of potatoes
- 350 g of smoked pork meat
- one big onion
- one carrot
- one pepper
- one tomato
- 400 ml of sour cream
- one tablespoon of flour
- parsley leaves
- salt and pepper

Start by frying the smoked meat in a non stick pan. Let's not add any more grease, the pork meat has its own :). When crispy, add the sliced onion and let it for 5 minutes, while stirring.

Then add all the other vegetables.

After a few minutes, transfer everything in a pot and add 2 liters of  boiling water and salt and pepper. Let it boil for some 20 minutes.

Now, prepare the dressing by adding one tablespoon of flour to the sour cream and pour it over the soup. Add some chopped parsley leaves and you're done.

The soup is simple to make, I'd recommend it even to a beginner, and the taste is so authentic and... rustic. Once tried, it will surely be added to your list of comfort soups, on mine it is on top!