Friday, February 25, 2011

Mashed Beans

This is a multifunctional course. You can eat it cold, as a spread on bread or warm - vegan style, meaning just the mashed beans, or with a nice fried sausage beside (they make a very good team together, I tell you!). Anyway, it's simple, you do it with just a few ingredients and it's very tasty.

You will need the following:
- for the mashed beans
- 300 g of beans
- 2 tablespoons of oil
- 3 cloves of garlic
- salt an pepper

- for the onion sauce (you can do without it if you have a very sensitive stomach, but you should try it, it's heaven!)
- one big onion
- one tablespoon of oil
- 100 ml of tomato juice (or two tomatoes, fresh and chopped)
- salt and pepper

You'll start by boiling the beans. When they are all soft and nice, you put them in the food processor with the mashed garlic, the oil and some salt and pepper.

Start blending them and when you get a fine paste, you're done! Yes, that's it! :)

Now, to make things more interesting, we will make the onion sauce, which will really enrich your beans. So, the chopped onion goes into the heated pan with one tablespoon of oil and stays there until it's soft.

Then we'll add the tomatoes or the tomato juice (whatever you'll have, it's fine), some salt and pepper an leave it there for another 10 minutes. Don't forget to stir, once in a while!

At the and the sauce goes over the mashed beans and you can spread some on a slice of bread just right away as you deserve it after all this work :).